Hiya! It's B!

I have the oddest super-power; maybe you've already guessed?

I’m inspired by ruin, rot and the lightly-wrecked. I conjoin the dumped, the shelved and the cast-aside!

My paint is found objects and my binder?, the simplest of cold-connections.

The resulting works are weird-assed found-mounds that are Wearable [look for a lace or chain to wrap around your neck or a hole to push your fist or finger through], WallAble [flat-surface set-able] or TabletopAble [sometimes I’ll add a hanger or stand ... sometimes a cloche is appropriate].

Mostly, I create odd narratives of items compared, or curious memoirs of someone not yet met.

My works are stories, erratic and odd; funny and peculiar.

You've come to a place where garbage is queen and detritus brings joy of the silliest kind!

If you get it, you get it! And I'll bet you do, Goofy-goo!

Love YOU! xoxo!


 PS I LOVE collaborating! Got an idea? Lemme in!