Fifth Time's the Charm, Right?


Well, welcome! For the first, or possibly the fifth time!

Keeping up web-site appearances, or simply just keeping up a web-site, is no simply matter! I've failed four other times! LOL!

But I always say, "Fifth time's the charm!" ... and I do so with my five fingers of each hand double-crossed, dare 'ya! 

This time I'm channeling Julia Child and all the other late-in-life successfuls, so I'm betting on Act V!

Needless to say, this time I'm happy to present my found object works, without dilution or competition from any other added any-things, 'cause at 60, it's time to :

A] make fun things

B] simplify the rest

C] give the thing you really love it's own space to succeed

D] have a ball doing it!

NOW is the--no, my--time! I hope you'll ride this journey with me; I'd sure love the company!

Love YOU! oxox!